Another two weeks have rolled by and it is time for another team mate introduction. In January-February our company grew with 7 new people and those 7 included an international recruiter specialized in IT-related positions, Fruzsina Onyedikachi from Hungary. Another nationality added to our group and we couldn’t be happier about it! We find it so much fun learning more about each other’s cultures and languages. So, let’s first learn more about Fruzsina!

Fruzsina is from the northeastern part of Hungary, from a small village called Répáshuta and from a family of 3 children including two younger siblings, one brother and one sister.

“They are both my juniors and I love them so much”

She is currently married and had a beautiful wedding last summer before relocating to Norway in the winter. She moved to Oslo with her husband in the end of January after being hired to Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Fruzsina has always had a passion for traveling and discovering different countries, and she had always dreamt about living in Norway, amongst the breath-taking mountains and incredible nature which reminded her of the village she comes from. Now that she lives here, she cannot wait to explore the country with loads of road trips discovering all its secrets!

“I always believed that when it’s time for me to make my move, life will show me a sign and when I got the opportunity at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, I was very happy and did not hesitate for a second to move to Norway”

But what is interesting is that this is actually not the first time ever that Fruzsina has lived abroad, because she used to live in India for almost 2 years in her past. That was the time in her life that taught her a lot about people and different cultures and made her very open to the diversity of them. She realized that she loved interacting with people from different backgrounds and help them in any way she can, and that was where her passion for recruitment came from. As a recruiter, she enjoys communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and help them land their dream jobs either locally or abroad, so they can also experience new and great adventures in life!

Not only is Fruzsina a people person, someone who is always smiling, friendly to all people and easy to talk to, she is also a fan of science. She has always been interested in the field of science, her favorite subjects being Chemistry, Maths and Physics, and ever since she was a little girl, her dream was to be an astronaut for Nasa. We are glad that she decided stay on solid ground and go with recruitment instead!

Why work at Nordic Jobs Worldwide then?

“I have great experiences within Recruitment and when I heard about Nordic Jobs Worldwide and what they do, I knew right away that it was a place I would love to be part of”

What Fruzsina liked about NJW was the fact that the company does not only focus on one market or location but several different partners all over the world being able to offer wider options to candidates and provide good quality candidates to partners as well. Another interesting thing was that NJW aim to be the best at Nordic recruitment and she felt that she, herself, also always aims to be the best in what she does, so she could instantly imagine herself within this company right from the beginning.

Her first weeks in the company have started with a busy schedule, going to Barcelona for a kick-off trip the very first day she came to Norway, working with lots of exciting new positions to fill and getting started with reaching her goals in general. She says, the time has flown by and she has been enjoying getting to know her colleagues and travelling with the team. She loves her job and has enjoyed each day since she started because each day is different and bring new opportunities to help people find the most exciting jobs and to help partners to find the most suitable candidates.

“I was very lucky because I started with a kick-off trip to Barcelona, so I had more time to get to know my colleagues and have fun with them”

Fruzsina says, the atmosphere is very unique within this company and is filled with positive energy.  Everyone motivates each other day by day and each person is very passionate about his or her work, and she loves coming into work every day.

Of course, we love hearing these positive words from our newest colleagues and are thankful for having more great, positive members in the team. Everyone carries their own part in the atmosphere and it is about each and every individual’s input.

If you are an IT-professional looking for jobs abroad in your field, please contact Fruzsina for more information about all the opportunities available for your skill set. Begin your adventure, we are here to support you!

Welcome Fruzsina!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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