Easter is near and we still haven’t introduced all new colleagues from the Oslo office, can you believe it? So, today we will dive in and get to know our intern for content creation, Mads. Mads has been around a few days a week since the beginning of January. He differs from all other employees in the company with his specialized work tasks. His main responsibility at NJW is to create video content for different purposes. He is a part of our marketing team and supports me with social media content, photos and digital marketing, so there’s a lot for him to manage. But moving on, let’s learn more about him.

Mads is 25 years old and comes from the west coast of Norway, from a beautiful city called Ålesund which he left for Oslo around 6 months ago. One of his biggest passions in life is films. Ever since he was little he has watched a lot of movies. It was the time when Netflix or HBO didn’t yet exist and he needed to put a bit more effort into seeing all the new movies. He used to walk to a kiosk nearby to rent them. Sometimes he got a movie, watched it and went back to get a new one to watch.

“It was probably a 20 minute walk each way”

During the weekends he could go back and forth probably up to 5-6 times. That was the reason he grew to appreciate a good movie and feel passionate about films in general. From this passion became his profession too. He used to study film-making in college and learned a lot from different types of films and the whole production chain of them. During school he started a sole proprietorship a few years ago through which he did a few jobs here and there including editing a football documentary and working on the set of an English cinema movie and more.

Additionally to working with film and pursuing a career in the field, he has worked in some different jobs over the years. He has worked in a hardware store and a lamp/lighting store as well as in hotels.

“I believe that it has helped me to be more all-rounded, which is nice in the everyday life”

Other than watching movies and TV-series, Mads also enjoys being active in his spare-time playing different sports. Put him outside and give him some kind of a ball and he will be happy. Tennis, for example, is one of his long-time favorite sports to play. As a child he used to train properly and actually played in some local tournaments too. He says he was quite good at the sport, placing second in a local tournament with one broken hand in the under 19-year-olds -section, being only 15 year old at that time! However, he decided to stop playing seriously because he didn’t get the opportunity to compete nationally. Even though a professional tennis career never came to be, he is still hyped for the upcoming tennis season. When he is not doing sports outside, he enjoys baking and cooking indoors.

I also asked Mads, if he had any special hidden talents or characteristics or similar that everyone might not know about him and he told me the following story:

“I always thought it would have been cool to be a good singer, but i literally can’t sing to save my life. I was at a concert one time, pretty drunk and was singing with everybody else, but then some girl beside me told me to shut up because I was sounding so bad and ruining the concert. A few years later I bought Jew’s harp, but my roommates threw that thing out after me using it for a few days. Maybe a year after I bought a harmonica, but after trying to learn it, I found out that I’m literally so tone deaf that I can’t even play that… So music isn’t for me, I can safely say that, but remember that girl who told me to shut up? She is my girlfriend now, so maybe something good came out of it.”

We cannot be good at everything, right? Haha! It is good that Mads is better at making films than singing though, for us at the office I mean.

Mads has not lived in a foreign country before, but if he would move to another location, he would do it mostly for the climate and go somewhere warmer in the South of Europe or Florida in the USA just to name some examples. He says it is not the location in itself as long as it is warmer than Scandinavia. Currently though he is very happy with his life here in Norway, with family, friends and work in order here, but who knows, maybe in the future!

Nordic Jobs Worldwide Mads stumbled upon online when looking at new job opportunities just for fun. He had just started a new job and wanted to see what was out there for a film-maker. He found the position a good opportunity for him and his future career and decided apply hoping for the best. Mads was chosen for the position because of his suitable background, good portfolio videos and the fact that he is a nice person with lots of good ideas, great initiative and a great sense of humor. He fits in the existing team well and is always coming up with new ideas! Every week Mads helps us put together our Top Jobs video for the week, have you spotted them yet? If not, pop in to our Media section here on our website to see them!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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