Happy October from Oslo! We have stepped into a new autumn month and as the seasons shift, so does life at Nordic Jobs Worldwide office change. We are constantly growing and from the 1st of October we have had the pleasure of training a new member of the team to the secrets of international recruitment. We have welcomed another Finn to the team, Frida Lönnberg, and we couldn’t be happier about having her here. It is always super exciting to find out some little things about new colleagues, so we asked Frida some questions to start with.

Frida comes from Finland as mentioned and she is a fresh face in Oslo, since she moved here only 2 weeks ago. When asked why Oslo, she mentioned wanting to experience something new, both work wise and “location wise”, and Norway had always been a place she wished to explore more.  Oslo seemed like a city that could offer both good job opportunities and great surroundings to lead an active life which she prefers.

I’ve always enjoyed doing different kinds of sports in my spare time, like mountain-biking, running and skiing, and in Oslo there are trails, hills and nature just a couple of metro-stops outside of the city centre. (You might be familiar with how important it is for Norwegians to go “ut på tur”😉 ) Been living here for 1,5 weeks now and I love the city with surroundings already!

Even though Frida is new to Oslo, she has some experience from living abroad from when she was studying Business Administration at the Hanken University. She chose to have her exchange period in Germany, quite close to the Austrian border and close to the Alps. As an outdoorsy person, she loved being close to the mountains, but also enjoyed the city of Münich and the central location of it. From Münich it is fairly easy to travel quickly to other European countries! Frida says she learned tremendously from going abroad for a few months on her own. She met so many awesome people from all over the world and made new friends for life. For anyone considering to study or work in another country she would recommend to GO FOR IT!

In her free time Frida is an active person and as mentioned above, she likes doing a variety of sports in the evenings and the weekends when she’s not working. However, one hobby is number one for her, a sport that she has had some success at, and that is orienteering. She has been competing in orienteering since she was 8 years old and she still does, but not as seriously or at the same level as she used to. According to Frida the beauty of orienteering is in its versatility; it requires both good physics and fitness but also the ability to stay concentrated because of the mental challenge it offers. Through the sport she has gotten to explore a lot of new places with different kinds of terrain types while being out in beautiful nature. She has been orienteering in almost 15 different countries in her past and as the cherry on the cake, she won the junior European championship in long distance orienteering in Serbia, year 2009. All that practice really paid off!

Frida applied to Nordic Jobs Worldwide, because she has always been interested in working in an international atmosphere. What attracted her about NJW also was the fact that we are a young and growing company, and Frida felt that there is a lot to learn only from that aspect alone! Recruiting as a business also involves a lot of different aspects and competences, like advertising, social skills, sales, business development and customer service, which she found motivating.

“It’s been a couple of busy first days at the office and a lot to take in! However, I’ve already learnt so much and I believe I will have good opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge here at NJW! I’ve felt very welcomed from the very first day by the best possible team and I look forward to the upcoming challenges and success stories together with them 😊”

Well there you go, “the best possible team”. That is always a nice thing to hear from a new colleague and also a great place to end this introduction. Frida has a lot to learn and so many responsibilities to take on her shoulders, but with her positive attitude, professionalism and her detailed/quality work, she will get the hang of everything with ease.

So, once more: Welcome to the team Frida!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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